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  • Locate processing services by spec or process name in less than a second
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For Processors

  • Market your services to a global customer base
  • Receive RFQs from new customers for the specs you do
  • Build brand recognition as your company appears in search results
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Easily see all providers for the spec you need in an instant.
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Use the multi-spec search for results sorted by what companies provide the most specs you searched for. For example, if your part needs three processes:
  • Chromate Conversion Coating (AMS 2473)
  • Nickel Plating (QQ-N-290)
  • Anodizing (BAC 5884)
Enter the specs and see results grouped by company or by spec.
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Processing Search Results Grouped By Spec


For processing houses to list their specs: $499/month or $4,990/year (two months free).

For buyers to search and use the RFQ system: $99/month or $990/year (two months free).

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